Acrylic VS Gel Polish

I absolutely love getting my nails done, It is one of my favorite things ever, because I’m totally free from any stress and it’s the much needed ‘me time’ we all crave. However, the one stress that manages to creep its way into my mind while I’m being pampered, is whether I should get acrylic or gel polish done.

It’s virtually impossible to find time to paint your nails quickly when you need to go somewhere, because of how busy our lives are. That’s why it’s so much better to have them done, because not only will you be done in under an hour, but also, they will last very long without chipping.

Gel polish:

This is great for maintaining your nails. If you personally want your nails short, or whatever length you like, but still need them to look fab, this is the way to go! It is a great way to maintain the strength of your nails and the length. Your nails are also more flexible with gel polish than acrylic.

The process is started by the nail tech prepping your nails and then applying the polish. This is different from acrylic, as each layer of gel polish has to be cured in a lamp for 2-3 minutes. It is a short process ranging from 30 to 45 minutes. I love doing gel polish when I’m at varsity, or during exam time, as I need my nails short, but presentable. The polish will not chip and will last a good 3 weeks to a month. You then soak off and get the polish applied again. Nail art can be done on the gel polish, as well as any powders to make them holographic or iridescent.  

At my nail appointment last month, I had decided on gel polish as it was exam time, and Kami, my favorite nail technician from Beauty Room at Salon Caprice had done my gel polish so well that after three weeks when I went back to do a soak off, they still looked brand new.


This is what I have on at the moment. When I went to see Kami last week, I had told her that I was going for a wedding and wanted loads of stones and nail art, so I had settled on acrylic. Acrylic leaves your nails a little bit harder and less flexible that gel polish, but holds stones and nail art better. Acrylic is not cured in a lamp. This procedure can take up to an hour, longer if your nail art is a lot.

 The process starts similar to gel polish, as your nails are prepped, then the acrylic powder and the liquid mixes together on a brush to form a sort of bead (I am no nail expert, please excuse my lack of correct terminology) and gets built on your nail. This can be done on natural nails or extensions. My acrylic at the moment is done on my natural nails. 

Acrylic is great for growing out your nails, especially if they are weak and prone to breaking, and also wonderful for people who cannot grow their nails, due to them biting them.

Both acrylic and gel polish is great, for different reasons!
What’s your favorite?

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They are situated on 23 Swapo Road, Durban. (Broadway)

Disclaimer:  Although Beauty Room SA sponsors me, this post is not sponsored, and my discount code is purely for promotional purposes, I do not receive any money from you using the code. It’s just a regular discount.


  1. I love acrylic more than gel cause it lasts longer! But nothing I’ve tried actually lasts on my nails longer than 3 weeks before it starts to peel and I can’t stand that cause my hair gets stuck under it!


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