I'm pampered like you wouldn't believe!

Beauty Room SA – at Salon Caprice (23 Swapo Road)

A few weeks ago, I, alongside 9 other girls were chosen as finalists for a competition that was running, where Beauty Room SA at Salon Caprice were looking for people to potentially sponsor. When I learn’t that I was a finalist, I was over the moon, because I mean come on, is it not almost every girls dream to have a nail sponsor? They are yet to choose the final girls out of the 10 that they will be sponsoring long term. 

After the finalists were announced I was contacted by the owner, Candice. We chatted via email and whatsapp over the course of a few days, basically me sending in a picture of what I would like done and booking me in. We decided on a date (15 June) which was directly after my last exam of the semester, so I was ecstatic, and ready to relax.

Walking in to the salon, I was immediately greeted with smiles and surrounded by people that were filled with positive energy. I met Candice the owner, along with Roxane, the owner of the Beauty Room SA that’s situated on Bush Road, where they also do nails, facials and lashes. I only chatted to Roxane for a short period of time, but she is such a wonderful lady, I cant wait to chat with her more. Talk about gorgeous ladies making money moves!

When I sat down with the nail technician Kami, I felt so at ease, she is a stunning lady with an amazing personality. She made me feel at home and was honestly one of the most accommodating nail technicians I have ever been to. I had sent in a picture of what I wanted done prior to my appointment and Kami was all prepped to do my nails.

Kami was gentle and asked me if I was happy with each new thing she did, I was very happy that she did that, as some people will take over your nails and just ask you if you’re happy at the end, when there’s no way to change whats been done. While I was getting my nails done and chatting to Kami, Candice the owner, came and sat with us and had a chat with us until my appointment was over. It was so great! The three of us chatted like old friends about anything, and everything. The atmosphere at the salon was great, Kamis work was superb and the conversation flowed! I was on cloud nine.

I had chosen  a nude pink set of gel overlays, with some marble, glitter and stones, for those of you who don’t know me and my style, I love all things sparkly! Its very difficult to do a set of nails with loads of nail art and make it look classy and not cheap, and Kami was able to execute it better than the picture that I had sent in. her prep was soothing and therapeutic, the application was even and neat, and the nail art was done with precision and ease. I would rate Kami a 10/10 when it comes to executing exactly what you want.

My overall thoughts about The Beauty Room SA At Salon Caprice:

-       They will make you feel welcome amd make sure that you leave happy and relaxed
-       They will go out of their way to make sure whatever you want done is done properly
-       They are the nicest people ever, and you will never be short of things to chat about
-       They are ever ready to do whatever challenge you throw at them
-       They are super affordable

This is a salon that I would give a 10/10 to, and believe me, I am super picky! I have never been to a salon that has made me feel more at home than they have, and I can’t wait to go back!

Durban ladies, what are you waiting for? Hurry on down to the salon and get treated ike a queen  that you are!