The age of hate

It’s all fun and games to say, “let it go”, or “just brush it off” but the truth is, it’s not. Receiving hate messages and people saying things about you can really get to you.

I started blogging mid-way through this year, and for the first few months, I thought I had finally been accepted into a safe space online. All my life I struggled with bullying, girl hate and favoritism. But recently after becoming more involved in the world of content creating, I have discovered that I haven’t actually escaped the hate. It’s sitting right in front of me, waiting to knock me out.

Are we not getting too bold for this? The amount of cattiness and hatred circling the blogging and vlogging community in SA right now is appalling. Not only are people saying one thing and then contradicting themselves on social media, but they will also come at you if you say something.  They will relentlessly share things to “make their point”, when all they’re doing is making themselves look stupid.

For some odd reason, every tiny social media post, blog post or even YouTube video is being scrutinized harshly by other people in this community, because apparently, power and fame comes from calling people out and taking shots at them and their platform.

Some of these content creators need to get off their high horse and realize that hating others isn’t going to get them anywhere. By turning their followers and blogging friends against someone else isn’t going to make you their queen.

I am seriously disappointed at this constant hate spreading that is going on online and it has made me think long and hard about who I can really consider as friends in this community, and, as people that the public look to for advice. It’s not the way you should be acting. However, to each their own. If you choose to be like this, step out of the industry where you can’t influence others and make them think that the way that you act, is normal.

Stop spreading hate, it’s not going to make you a better person.