The only person that can motivate you, is you.

I think the most difficult thing about growing up is trying to find the motivation to do something, or to better yourself. Even though having people tell you that “you’re doing amazing sweetie” is comforting, it doesn’t always work. I’d love to share my favorite motivation experience with you guys.

About three or four years ago, my boyfriend would always tell me how good I am at writing and he would constantly tell me to start a blog, so I did. I started a WordPress blog that focused on my first love, food. Because I had recently started dating my boyfriend at the time, I was introduced to a whole new world of high end restaurants and it had my creative juices flowing. Even though I really enjoyed reviewing the places and taking fun food pictures, I quickly become demotivated and it fell of a month in. even with all the support I was getting, it wasn’t enough.

I don’t know why I didn’t start a new one after, because I was aware of how much I wanted to blog, writing was always my passion. It’s not like I didn’t have enough time, I was in high school and I mean, you have hours of free time in high school, as compared to university. I guess every time I wanted to start a new one, I would find a reason not to. I would tell myself that it would fail like my first attempt or people wouldn’t want to read articles from a mediocre looking girl with a pretty average life.

Finally, this year after wanting to blog for years, and constantly trying to motivate myself, I started Everyday Glamour Girl S.A. it was out of the blue, and I couldn’t believe that even though I had support and motivation from others, it wasn’t enough. But when I decided to motivate myself, it happened instantly. Even though I have switched over from Everyday Glamour Girl S.A. to Glamest Girl in Therapy, it’s my own motivation that keeps me on my toes and helps me challenge myself daily. I guess everything started falling into place for me when I realized that there is no greater power than the power that I have over myself, and I’m going to try to never underestimate it, ever again.


  1. All of us get demotivated even if you are busy doing what you're passionate about. Write your motivation down, it might help as a reminder when you have a down blogging day.


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